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After the party — this and that

September 24, 2007

Well, my husband’s party went along great! Everyone got along, quizzes were hard fought, gags laughed at, speeches appreciated, food ate with alacrity, and everyone went home happy. To top it all my husband thanked me for a lovely party! What more could anyone want?

I’m still waiting to hear about my book being printed. No point in rushing it — what’s an extra week or so after six months of preparation (and that after six years of fiddling with it since it was first written!

Gladys Hobson

Magpies Nest Publishing.

I looked through Andrew O’Hara’s book, The Swan, tales of the Sacrimento Valley, again today to get an overall picture. I guess some folk would be disappointed because some of the endings are somewhat ambiguous, or not exactly ‘happy’! But they speak of life as it is, and let’s face it, life does not come in neat packages tied up with fancy ribbon!
What was special to me was the fact that we have visited that area and it brought back thoughts and feelings of the time we spent in that part of California. Our fortnight visit to the USA included my brother and his wife in San Diego (their son lives nearby but their daughter lives in Davis). Sadly, my brother died a couple of months ago, so he was not at our party last Saturday, but memories of our mutual affection and pleasant visits are ever present.

What now? Send copies of my novels for entry of the London Book Festival? Well, I have sent an e-mail asking about the box that has to be filled in called “editor’. Do all books have to be ‘edited’ by a ‘qualified’ editor — someone known to them? All my novels have been professionally appraised twice (the second time after suggested alterations or corrections) and proofread. does that qualify as edited? We shall see.
Whether to enter just one book or all three? Mmm — will USA readers appreciate my style anyway? I guess for a book to be successful it must appeal to most English speaking folk. Who knows, maybe their readers will appreciate my writing. Those who read through the slush piles here in the UK are not exactly dazzled by my ability!

(Update – My Awakening Love came in the first five, Romance genre)

You meet very interesting writers on the web

September 20, 2007

Well, I seem to. Ever heard of Payton L. Inkletter?
He has kindly made comments on my blog.

If you want something to chew (and choke?) on? If you have a quirky sense of humour then this is the blog for you!
I would be interested to hear what others think. But, he has kindly left comments on my blog and that makes him a star for me!
Nice to get a bit of Australian wit too.

As soon as my book (the first of my novels to be in my own name) is in print it will be added to our publishing site
That will be six books on the site. Free read of the first chapters to anyone interested.
It will be good to get back to writing again. My head is full of ideas but things to clear up first — quite frustrating.

The joy of love’s reward

September 19, 2007

I am in tears. Stupid really. But when others say something nice about my comments (on a blog), they are commenting on me – in particular, my written thoughts. I speak from the heart. Okay, there are some things that maybe should be left unsaid — they could embarrass others. But that is the beauty of a blog — no one has to read it!
I guess it is all about acceptance and self-esteem. Many rejections can lead us to think we are useless. Rejections of our writing — something we have put our heart and soul into — become rejections of ‘me’.
How wonderful then, when our thoughts are accepted, and especially the inspirations with which we weave our stories. The characters I have created and which have become part of ‘me’ — personas that live within my mind — become alive and live on in the minds of my readers. There is nothing that can give a writer greater joy. It is a gift beyond price.

It has been a very tiring week. Family I have not seen for many years coming from abroad. Family arriving from over 200 miles away and family from close by calling for a special event. I am busy planning a party for Saturday too.
My new book has been ordered and that is going through the system — will the cover be as good as I hope after so many efforts to get it right? And the reorder for Northern Lights has been delivered and needed sorting ready for its destinations. Domestic chores to do to.
But the important thing is my husband’s 80th birthday. Hard to believe but true. The young man I live with is 80 years old!


Northern Lights shining again!

September 7, 2007

Five copies of Northern Lights sold a couple of days ago, and then JOY! — 50 books ordered yesterday. So I have reordered another 70 books. Both places said “To start with” so even more pleasing.

Another 120 pages to proofread before my new novel goes for printing. I don’t know, all this extra work! After professional proofreading and editing, I expected it to be about perfect! Far from it. Had to take out an expression that had been inserted too — it was not appropriate for the era the book is set in. Oh well, that’s life! (Sure is hard on the eyes though)

Nigel has not returned but a flock of seagulls were in the field next to us. I like to think Nigel was with them.

A sight for sore eyes

September 5, 2007

Woke up several times in the night with hurting eyes and my mouth so dry I could hardly speak. Got up for an hour or so. Of course, it did not help the situation with having a 416 page novel to proofread before it goes for printing. At least my son had already done the first 70 pages (this after spending a couple of days changing the format) . So I am now almost half-way. I am not pleased. The thing had been proofread before it went for proofreading to a certain ‘publisher’, then it was edited and supposedly proofread afterwards. (Well I did the last few chapters myself but I am not up to those yet) So why all the typos? There was so much unseen stuff embedded in the MS that remained unseen until it was converted ready for printing, but a couple (at least) are missed letters at the end of words and at least one word misplaced in a sentence. I can’t trust Word! This preparation is taking far too long and it is frustrating! In future I will write stories with no going backwards and forwards, converting and reconverting to suit different computers! Appleworks only in future!
Sore eyes indeed tonight!

A nice thank-you letter from June Austin. What a hard-working author and so much time spent marketing her book. I take my hat off to her!

Busy, busy!

September 3, 2007

One of those days.
Shopping and baking with sorting out of emails between tasks.
Heard from Cinnamon Teal. They certainly are prepared to go a long way to keep their customers happy.
Maybe I will actually get my novel files to them this week. I sure would like to see a book before the end of the month.

Nigel actually flew over the hedge this morning. But he came back after a wander around. Off again tonight after taking a bath. Meeting a young lady gull somewhere?

Seagull alive and kicking!

September 2, 2007

Well, Nigel our disabled seagull is doing very nicely. Since he had been trying to get a bath in the bucket he drinks out of, we put out a large plastic dog bed bowl filled with water. He spent ten minutes this morning doing his ablutions! He has been preening himself all day. He is no longer keen to try the various bread pieces I throw to him. Oh no, our Nigel prefers fat off the meat, fish defrosted from the freezer, little morsels of tasty food such as pork pie and other such goodies. But, now he is obviously fit (but for his disabled wing) and happy with life, he is going to have to eat what comes – even if it is home-baked bread!
I think perhaps I could write a short story about Nigel who narrowly escaped a ‘mercy killing’ by being shot by a neighbour, plus an escape from being torn apart by an excited dog! Best I think to write it from the gull’s POV. Then he can tell us how he is training that silly old biddy to feed and house him! (He is living in the gazebo but has free run of a large garden, plus a pleasant strolling area beyond – when he can be bothered to walk that far!)

My son has put my book into the correct format today – or nearly. What a job! So much unwanted (invisible) stuff had been embedded into the text that had first to be removed. Well it looks like the book will be well over 400 words – phew!

UPDATE on Nigel. Remember, I used a huge dog’s sleeping bowl to put water in for Nigel. He used it to float on and wash his feathers. He started trying to fly. Then one day he took off and reached the house roof. Next step off into the sky — healed and flying!

One door closes – another opens?

September 1, 2007

It always gives me a sinking feeling when someone, ‘in charge’ of a shop or store, hands back Northern Lights (or another of my publications) and says they don’t want it. I feel the rejection far too personally. It is even more embarrassing if it is someone I know. But more than embarrassing are the dashed hopes of selling copies of the book. It is good to know that some individuals, working in various places, like the book and WANT to sell it, even if top management says no! I have not heard from W.H.S’s top office and don’t expect to now. Pity, the local store seemed quite keen. The manager of the store that sold about 80 copies of Red Boxes, did not want it either. (Well, they don’t normally sell books and Red Boxes was being sold for charity). I am still a little hopeful of selling some books through Hills, BUT will not hold my breath. Of course, if I had to reorder just for a few, with the huge discounts wanted, I would be out of pocket anyway BUT one has to speculate to get established.

If you don’t read the Grumpy Old Bookman website, you don’t know what you are missing. You can get a realistic view of chances of publication and of alternatives. So many good and interesting things to read of what is happening in the book world. Occasionally, publishers are mentioned that are open to submissions – for example Tindal Street Press
They only publish regional books. I have an idea they get a grant to do so. But others get a mention. Plus latest releases, book reviews etc etc. It also mentioned Cinnamon Teal printing and publishing. For someone who wants to self-publish they do a jolly good deal.

The September edition of the THE JIMSTON JOURNAL is now out. My story is there and I am so very pleased with the way it is presented. Incredible the time and effort put into that ‘on line’ free journal. I feel quite proud to have my work included. Who knows where it might lead?

This was published five years ago, see more recent posts and my other blogs —

My author blog and Magpies Nest Publishing. More recently my novels have been published by Dare Empire BUT four of my novels have been taken over by Turquoise Morning Press and The Dark Mirror by Storm Moon Press