Seagull alive and kicking!

Well, Nigel our disabled seagull is doing very nicely. Since he had been trying to get a bath in the bucket he drinks out of, we put out a large plastic dog bed bowl filled with water. He spent ten minutes this morning doing his ablutions! He has been preening himself all day. He is no longer keen to try the various bread pieces I throw to him. Oh no, our Nigel prefers fat off the meat, fish defrosted from the freezer, little morsels of tasty food such as pork pie and other such goodies. But, now he is obviously fit (but for his disabled wing) and happy with life, he is going to have to eat what comes – even if it is home-baked bread!
I think perhaps I could write a short story about Nigel who narrowly escaped a ‘mercy killing’ by being shot by a neighbour, plus an escape from being torn apart by an excited dog! Best I think to write it from the gull’s POV. Then he can tell us how he is training that silly old biddy to feed and house him! (He is living in the gazebo but has free run of a large garden, plus a pleasant strolling area beyond – when he can be bothered to walk that far!)

My son has put my book into the correct format today – or nearly. What a job! So much unwanted (invisible) stuff had been embedded into the text that had first to be removed. Well it looks like the book will be well over 400 words – phew!

UPDATE on Nigel. Remember, I used a huge dog’s sleeping bowl to put water in for Nigel. He used it to float on and wash his feathers. He started trying to fly. Then one day he took off and reached the house roof. Next step off into the sky — healed and flying!

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