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A sight for sore eyes

September 5, 2007

Woke up several times in the night with hurting eyes and my mouth so dry I could hardly speak. Got up for an hour or so. Of course, it did not help the situation with having a 416 page novel to proofread before it goes for printing. At least my son had already done the first 70 pages (this after spending a couple of days changing the format) . So I am now almost half-way. I am not pleased. The thing had been proofread before it went for proofreading to a certain ‘publisher’, then it was edited and supposedly proofread afterwards. (Well I did the last few chapters myself but I am not up to those yet) So why all the typos? There was so much unseen stuff embedded in the MS that remained unseen until it was converted ready for printing, but a couple (at least) are missed letters at the end of words and at least one word misplaced in a sentence. I can’t trust Word! This preparation is taking far too long and it is frustrating! In future I will write stories with no going backwards and forwards, converting and reconverting to suit different computers! Appleworks only in future!
Sore eyes indeed tonight!

A nice thank-you letter from June Austin. What a hard-working author and so much time spent marketing her book. I take my hat off to her!