The joy of love’s reward

I am in tears. Stupid really. But when others say something nice about my comments (on a blog), they are commenting on me – in particular, my written thoughts. I speak from the heart. Okay, there are some things that maybe should be left unsaid — they could embarrass others. But that is the beauty of a blog — no one has to read it!
I guess it is all about acceptance and self-esteem. Many rejections can lead us to think we are useless. Rejections of our writing — something we have put our heart and soul into — become rejections of ‘me’.
How wonderful then, when our thoughts are accepted, and especially the inspirations with which we weave our stories. The characters I have created and which have become part of ‘me’ — personas that live within my mind — become alive and live on in the minds of my readers. There is nothing that can give a writer greater joy. It is a gift beyond price.

It has been a very tiring week. Family I have not seen for many years coming from abroad. Family arriving from over 200 miles away and family from close by calling for a special event. I am busy planning a party for Saturday too.
My new book has been ordered and that is going through the system — will the cover be as good as I hope after so many efforts to get it right? And the reorder for Northern Lights has been delivered and needed sorting ready for its destinations. Domestic chores to do to.
But the important thing is my husband’s 80th birthday. Hard to believe but true. The young man I live with is 80 years old!


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One Response to “The joy of love’s reward”

  1. Payton L. Inkletter Says:

    Happy Birthday Mister Gladys Hobson! For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow, on that Gladys will agree? When will he receive his OBE? [Over Bloody Eighty]

    And may Gladys be richly rewarded with the gift beyond price – the benign invasion of her readers’ minds by her characters – as well as some filthy lucre to sweeten the experience the more.

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