Passionate Affairs

Ah a title to stir one’s imagination in erotic directions!
Passionate Affairs is the title of a book by Ann Moore (otherwise known as Michael Allen.) If I had not known Michael had written it I would have guessed — his own particular style is so individualistic, ‘my dears’!
I enlisted my husband in the reading of the book (as most folk know, I can only read a little at a time even with the excellent clear print of all Michael’s books.) Since my hubby normally reads thrillers it says something about Michael’s writing that he stayed with it, enjoying every page. We had a good laugh in places, was stirred in others and generally read on when we should have been doing other things. In other words, the book is a page turner.
To some extent, it took us a bit down memory lane to the fifties and 1960. But entering into a boys’ boarding school was indeed a new experience. Although I do recall an old film, “Tom Brown’s Schooldays”, and “Goodbye Mr Chips”. But I’m pretty sure there were none of the goings on we ‘experienced’ in this book!
At times hilarious, at times poignant, but always entertaining, the book kept us enthralled to the very end. Young illicit love is rarely explored, especially between partners of such disparate ages. Is it possible for a mature woman of 39 to fall in love with a boy of 18 and he to be desperately in love with her? Would an 18 year old girl indulge in a love affair with a schoolboy of 14? Well, the author inspires us to believe in such possibilities, as the sexual and emotional vulnerability of young males, especially one who appears to be a ‘man of the world’, are explored in depth.
In truth, the author kept us entranced in the dilemmas of these lovers right up to the very end.
Shortly we will be starting on Michael Allen’s thrillers (his Patrick Read books) and it will be interesting if he keeps to the same style of writing — witty, neat and to the point. Always easy to read too.

4 Responses to “Passionate Affairs”

  1. Payton L. Inkletter Says:

    A very good review! I would be well satisfied to have someone put that amount of effort, thought, and pertinent analysis into anything I had written.
    Michael Allen (Ann Moore) should be well pleased.

  2. Edmond Clay Says:

    I read Ben Franklin’s essay on the value of senior women and took it to heart. A few wrinkles are nothing when involved with a well ironed attitude. I know someone who is fully invested of the notion it is properly forbidden. Pity, but freedom of conscience forbids the narrow-minded, which trumps. Hah! So how do we apply for the free book?

  3. Gladys Hobson Says:

    Send an Email to Michael – I think it is on his profile page. If he is out of copies, I can send you mine.

  4. Catching up? - World Class Ebooks Says:

    […] of books wot I wrote, Gladys Hobson has reviewed a couple of them on her Wrinkly Writers blog: Passionate Affairs and Beautiful Lady. Gladys, if you haven’t discovered her, is one hell of a writer. Not many […]

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