The Swan by Andrew F. O’Hara

The Swan — tales of the Sacramental Valley — is a most unusual drift of stories.
In this world of haste, self-concern, obsession with wealth and celebrities, O’Hara’s stories reveal a deep human divide within society. And yet glimpses of a singular care for those at the bottom of the heap.

All the stories in The Swan are unusual because they pull the reader into the tale and allow him to draw his own conclusions. They are so ‘human’ and down to earth, but with a quality that is ‘other than’. In these tales, O’Hara looks into the human heart and reveals what he sees.

I have enjoyed reading The Swan. The stories are well constructed and the print is easy on the eye. The book’s cover is brilliant in every respect. Light and shade giving depth and meaning — so like the book’s contents.

You can get a free read of O’Hara’s The Swan by visiting
Of course, you can do as I did and get this beautiful book to grace your bookshelves.
The online Jimston Journal is also a quality read — and free! (You will meet O’Hara there)


One Response to “The Swan by Andrew F. O’Hara”

  1. Payton L. Inkletter Says:

    Another succinct and compelling review. It tells me the book must deal with, and deal with well, the human condition by a writer who understands it.

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