Escaping Reality

Escaping Reality is what I often do but this post is not about me but something much more interesting. This is the title of a book by Geoff Nelder.

The cover of this book gives the impression that you are in for a really thrilling spine-chilling read. Well, if a traditional Thriller genre is all the reader is looking for, he may well pick out a few pages and then (depending on which he chooses) toss it aside.

This book is not exactly a straight-forward cops and robbers, blood and thunder mystery, nor does it enter into the realms of true psychological torment, rather it is a laugh a minute romp driven by a mystery to be solved and a crook to be found, while the hunter himself is being hunted mercilessly.

To really enjoy the book you need a quirky sense of humour. My husband does not have one, so I had to read the book myself. Since small print is most unkind to my eye problems, it is a testament to the writing that I read the whole book myself, howbeit a few pages at a time. Did I find it a page turner? Yes, but I was in no hurry to get to the end, I was simply enjoying each page as it came!

The reader is there with Jerry, feeling his pain and discomforts, experiencing his fears and dilemmas, as he tries to escape his pursuers and solve the riddle of how he came to be in a prison-escapee predicament, chased by the Law and criminals alike; not knowing who is his friend and who his foe.

You may get annoyed at Jerry’s stupidity but he is a lovable idiot for all that. A bit kinky with sex too. Not many would dare to risk certain of his couplings — might end up in hospital, or with a call to the fire brigade to get untangled?

Apart from the story itself, at times I also found it an intimate Northern England tour guide, as Jerry travelled moors and roads, sometimes on foot, sometimes by bike. Then across to Amsterdam and back.

Yes, the hero is devious, cunning and clever, but a lovable idiot for all that.
A laugh on every page.

There is a short sequel to Escaping Reality (called Returning Reality) in the anthology “Northern Lights” the book I illustrated, contributed to, and edited along with Bob Taylor — with guest writers. Visit my website: for details.

More about Geoff Nelder and his books can be found on his website:


2 Responses to “Escaping Reality”

  1. geoffnelder Says:

    Hello there, Gladys. I’ve come of hiding to see what scurrilous comments you made and instead I love it! You could mention the sequel short story to Escaping Reality is in one of your own anthologies, Northern Lights.

    As you say, a good chunk of the book is based in Amsterdam. I was there on Friday and Saturday with my daughter, and I looked for and found the houseboat that I’d used in the book for the hapless antihero to hide in. A lot of writing research memories flooded back. Much of the joy in writng for me and many others, I imagine, is the research.

    Thanks again for taking the trouble to blog about me and here’s a bouquet of flowers for you. 🙂 Umm, you’ll have to tell Ralph to get them for me…

    Best, Geoff

  2. Payton L. Inkletter Says:

    Long live quirky! Another good review. Lovable idiots never hurt anybody – or did they? But the pain is eased by the laughs. All the best for Geoff’s ‘Escaping Reality’.

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