Lit Agency says no as my book is being published!

My Awakening Love was turned down by the Christopher Little Lit Agency today. Just as well I did not dally for two months while it sat in the slush pile. I guess it is a measure of my expectations that I did not wait but got on with its publication. Oh well, the first few chapters will shortly be available for a free read on my publishing site:
Folk can judge for themselves its potential. (Mind you, the first chapters are pretty cool compared to the heat of later on.)
Of course, the real test is IF folk buy the book — even if just a few buyers. (Without publicity/marketing can’t expect more.) We shall see. (Personally, I can’t see folk buying it from the Internet but at £9.99 free delivery, maybe, just maybe.) I will be happy if I get just a local response.

There is a novel in my head about a struggling writer! I’ve had plenty of material building up these past six or seven years. This ‘poor baby’ has had a really hard struggle to come to birth! But that is a major chapter yet to be written.

Written five years ago. The book has a long history. This and others have been taken over by Turquoise Morning Press


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