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Watch out for flying pigs!

October 4, 2007

Well isn’t that nice? I have just had a reply from another lit agency with reference to my submission — I had forgotten I had sent it! It does not mention the title and was word for word with all other submissions I have sent there. (This one must be for the second part of my trilogy) They said they could not place my work with an agent. Now won’t they be red faced when my book is made into a film. (And I will be taking a trip to the optician to see why I am seeing pigs flying over the house!)

I guess it must be ‘clearing up of the slush pile’ time for literary agents — ready for the Christmas rush?

Of course, with hundreds to disappoint every week, they can’t afford to waste money on giving the slightest clue as to why they have turned down each manuscript. But why ask to have three chapters (hard copy) to start with? It seems to me it would be far more polite and correct if agents and publishers simply asked for an e-mail initially giving brief details and then invited submissions from ones they were genuinely interested in. (It does not seem to matter what you write in an initial enquiry, the reply always seems to be an invitation to send three chapters etc) Presumably only the odd hard copy ever gets beyond ‘reception’ so why not let ‘reception’ sort brief submitted e-mails? Save writers a lot of time and money! (But we writers are not ten a penny, but a couple of thousand a penny, so I guess that is not their concern.)

Sound bitter? not really, just tired.

Back to writing — actually going over a manuscript that has been proofread but needs polishing. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Must get a cuppa to wake me up!