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Ah, to be sweet seventeen!

October 7, 2007

I am smiling.
Folk have always been able to read my thoughts like a book, that is when I am not in a deep study. My face expresses my thoughts, maybe more than my body language.
I was watching my consultant as he was showing me how to use the inhalers he was prescribing. He was giving me a lot of information and I was wondering how on earth I would remember it all — the blue one or the brown I must use twice a day; to breathe in deeply or?…..
“You’re smiling,” he suddenly said, almost accusingly.
“I was wondering how I was going to remember it all,” I said honestly.
Actually, I was also regarding him closely. He’s a handsome guy from a Near Eastern country (that shall be nameless). I seem to register people for future reference. I guess all authors must do that. I will not put my thoughts about him here, but who knows when he might just pop up in a future story.
I actually told another consultant this earlier this year about my character studies. I really did smile then — his whole manner changed! He laughed (and so did his assistant nurse) and seemed very pleasant about it. He looked so much younger too! I think he might have been rather pleased that ‘his character’ might turn up in a novel.
Now I am smiling again. I have just looked up the comments of my last posting. I had written one in answer to a comment by Andy O’Hara. But my comment had my photo with it. I deliberately used that one in my profile because that is what I feel like inside — the real ‘me’. A girl of seventeen not the old biddie I look on the outside!

My stats then were 36,26,36. My weight was a few pounds lighter lighter, but it has shifted — gravity and all that.

Ah, to be sweet seventeen!
(What a giggle!)

Back to the stats mentioned yesterday. Since that website appears to be well-visited, I am considering putting the whole of each novel on
Not just the first chapters.
Mm — the stories need ‘getting into’ to be fully appreciated.