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“The Primrose Path and other poems” by Bob Taylor

October 9, 2007

Never heard of him? Not surprising. He is not a pushy guy and as far as his writing is concerned, he takes the attitude of what will be, will be. It took a pushy women — me — to get his poetry into print.
His poems are a mixed bag of tongue-in-cheek humour (one young lady reader was so riled up that she was prepared to punch his nose), love poems (read with care), poignant moments and memories, evangelical zeal (which is the result of devastating experiences) and good old fashioned charm.

Bob ponders on life and his poetry reflects this. He is a retired Yorkshire miner and has lived in a close mining community for all of his life, although following the closures in the last century, most of the pits are no more. People and their memories remain. Life for a young man in the fifties and sixties comes to life in Bob’s poems. His later years of settling down and coming to terms with ‘who he is’ and where he is heading are creatively explored.

Bob is ‘one of the lads’, even though a little frayed at the edges. I find his poems moving, funny and so true to life. You can see a few samples by going to And if you want a taste of his personality in musical form, then hear him sing at the local ‘glass in hand’ meeting place:

Click on Bob Taylor.
Yes, that guy dressed to look like Elvis IS Bob but his great voice is all his own! (And that was recorded some years ago, before he got his voice finely tuned.)