Healing words of ‘Thank you’.

Diane West, apart from being a newspaper columnist, is a good poet… words pour out of her heart just as the mood takes her. I have seen a poem she wrote to a friend and I was deeply moved. So I am putting it here — unedited, raw from her ‘pen’.

This is Diane’s
“Thank You”

Thank You.

A warm, gentle person, caring mum and good wife

Who takes nothing for granted and worked hard all her life.

Considerate and generous, loving and kind

Not many like her on this Earth will you find.

With a passion for life, which she lives to the full

Sharing time with this lady could never be dull.

I’ve known her but a short time, though it seems like years

I’ve told her my secrets. I’ve had laughs and shed tears.

She’s been there for me when I’ve been sad and low

And I ‘m so glad I met her, she’s a treasure to know.

We have so much in common, it seems really odd

Is it simply coincidence or is it all down to God?

I wonder if when feeling my pain and my strife

He chose one of his best to come into my life.

It matters not now but of one thing I’m sure

Where there is illness, she is the cure.

She’s given me sunshine and put a smile on my face

When I’ve felt down and useless, been my saving grace.

Made me feel special and believe in myself

Which means more than money and riches or wealth.

She’s given me faith and made things seem right

And when there’s been darkness, she showed me the light.

She guided and led me, till I felt at ease.

Her caring and patience have helped me find peace.

How do I say thank you, to someone so nice

To repay all her goodness, there isn’t a price.

So all I can do is pray she will know

That the seed she has nurtured is starting to grow.

It’s fed and it’s watered with joy and delight

And its new buds are blooming with colours so bright.

Repaired by an angel, it will blossom once more

It’s head held up high as it once was before.

Gone is the guilt, the pain and despair

And where there was doubting, trust now walks there.

The past doesn’t matter, when the future looks bright

I welcome tomorrow…it’s a beautiful sight!

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