A short story

Using their own words, the class was performing a parable from the New Testament  — the story of the blind man receiving back his sight from Jesus.   Bobby was the ragged blind man, and Mark played the part of Jesus. The story progresses… “Master, master, have  pity on me.”    “What is it you want?”    “Master, I want my sight back.”  Mark looked at his teacher with a very worried expression on his young face.  “I haven’t got it!”  A good commentary on the Church? With all the concern over traditions, establishment, creeds, sexuality etc. etc. how will anyone ‘see’ the reality of Christian truth that God is LOVE and the healer of man’s soul? 

One Response to “A short story”

  1. Payton L. Inkletter Says:

    What is love? The technical definition, in contradistinction to the poetical, is: the desire for good for others.

    The infinite source of divine love, when projecting his creative intent across voluminace to manifest a new expanse of space, ensures that love always rides the crest of this creative explosion, benignly invading the new stage to always arrive in advance of its inevitable need. Every point of space thus becomes saturated with the presence of divine love, ready to serve, vivify, and sustain all repletely and without favour.

    Divine love always improves all who receive it, from the smallest drop to the vast and seething oceans of matchless affection available to all persons for the simple acceptance thereof. The less of love in a creature, the more divine love strives to fill that void. Acceptance of divine love is the growth of friendship with God. And how brilliantly have formal religions unnecessarily complicated friendship with God!

    “My what big complications you’ve got,” said Little Bad Desiring Good.
    “All the better to control you with!” said Big Bad Religious Wolf.

    Gladys, I agree wholeheartedly that divine love, the universal solvent, heals. And there is no greater pleasure than helping to give it away and spread it around.

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