Spread a little happiness!

The ability to spread happiness, to make people smile and laugh, is a wonderful gift. It seems that some folk go about it in a quiet way, breaking sunlight through dark clouds of gloom.  I have met new friends on the Internet that do just that for me, although in different ways.  Apart from his Journal, Jerry Jimston writes on:  http://www.xanga.com/JerryJimston   You will find a whole different dimension by going to:   http://phoolsparadise.blogspot.com   and click on the picture of the bear with my name mentioned over it, it will enlarge and the message become easier to read.  There follows a newspaper report.  This is a hell of a distinction for me!  What a lark! 

2 Responses to “Spread a little happiness!”

  1. Andy O'Hara Says:

    A fun looking blog. A black jelly bean, huh? What must one do for a red one?

  2. Gladys Hobson Says:

    Black ones are rarer (and tastier), so says Payton. I’d let you have a lick but it is too far to send it!

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