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James Patterson’s Black Market

January 15, 2008

We have just finished reading the above book. Patterson has done some very impressive research which, along with his writing to keep up thrills and tension right to the end,  adds up to a jolly good book. His ability to change style for us to get into the mind of a child in a most believable manner, I thought was brilliant, especially near the end when a crucial scene on which a satisfactory denouement evolved, was played out.  Tough, cruel guys, and beautiful women all play their part. Intrigue, betrayal and deception on an unimaginable scale, is made believable through clever writing.  We thought perhaps there was a bit of unnecessary detail in places, which added up to ‘padding’ and lengthened the book unnecessarily. It took a long time to read it (aloud) otherwise we were highly satisfied. You want to know what it is about? Well read it, or look it up on the Internet.