I entered Phools Paradise — never to leave it?

If anyone reading this has ever visited http://phoolsparadise.blogspot.com you will be aware of the strange nature of that blog.

Now, one may ask, “Then what is a blog?”

I’m not sure you will find the answer in Phools Paradise. In this case I can only say a blog is an ‘experience’, and a strange one at that. Forget political correctness and gentility, normality and sanctity, of the written word, this blog is something else! And you will only understand what I mean if you visit it yourself.

But be patient, it takes time for the wackiness of this place to sink in and enter your system. Big things are afoot and you are only likely to fully realise the immensity of what is happening if you allow yourself to leave a footprint, in the form of a comment. This I did and wow! Life will never be the same again! Fame and fortune is mine in Phools Paradise.

Sweet things are on the horizon, but I am not sure that there will be enough jelly beans to go round.  One might say that writers like me already live in a Fools Paradise. (You ain’t goin’ anywhere, mate!) And I guess that is true, for it shows in the stress and strain of getting my books into print and moving, ever hopefully, into the public domain. But, being daft, in Phools Paradise I am at home!

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