Glorious dandelions!

Every year early in spring I go around digging up dandelions. I do it several times as new ones appear. It seems we have more than ever this year. They are springing up every day. I suspect some are growing from bits of root left in the ground for sometimes there does not seem to be any leaves! If I don’t get rid of them they will spread more and more. Bad enough that we have fields around us full of these golden beauties!

When we arrived home this afternoon, I saw fluffy clocks had already formed on the dandelions that had not been removed this morning. Darn it! But I had an idea.

Have you ever heard of tidy gardeners vacuuming their lawns? Well, we have a small handy battery cleaner. I went around the two lawns vacuuming the dandelion clocks. Goodness knows what any peeping neighbours surmised!

“Poor old Gladys!”

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