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Exit, Pursued By A Bee by Geoff Nelder

June 25, 2008

Exit, Pursued By A Bee will appeal greatly to those addicted to Science Fiction. It has all the ingredients to make a good sci-fi read: thrilling havoc on earth, a dramatic chase through space, unforgettable three-dimensional characters, a dash of love sprinkled with a little sex, humour to cause a smile without detracting from the action, and compelling story line that constrains the reader to speedily journey to the end.

A larger than life derring-do female astronaut, receptive to outer-space time travellers, her brilliant spaceship-designer partner (even if with unpleasant habits), and a French-Canadian lady-killer fellow astronaut, join a supporting cast of memorable part players: a psychic newshound, an ancient cave-dweller and his dog, a blast-em general, a likeable teenage lad and his lass, plus a cast of thousands!

For those not used to this genre, and Nelder’s writing, be warned — you may need a dictionary. It is certain the average reader will have his or her vocabulary enlarged by the end of the story. An extraordinary book! 

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Exit the Spheres — Where Are They Sited?

Geoff Nelder studying where the exiting spheres are sited.

“EXIT, PURSUED BY A BEE” is not a book to be missed. It adds a new dimension to the reading experience!



Short story: You Always Hurt the One You Love

June 24, 2008

You Always Hurt the One You Love

She loved yellow roses. Of course they had to have a perfect scent as well as perfect petals, perfect shape, perfect leaves and perfect stems. This rose, growing serenely in her garden was such a rose, perfect in its magnificence.

She knew it would not last in its perfection for long. Others growing on the same bush would follow; they were already in bud. But would they be able to match this one? Was it indeed possible? This was the first to flower… a harbinger of a golden summer to come.

Having taken many photographs, she sat on the lawn gazing at its perfection, drinking in its scent. Suddenly, she was filled with a calmness impossible to describe: a kind of harmony with nature — no, with the Divine, a mutual possession. Her space was glowing with golden light, her senses totally immersed in sensuous pleasure. Rapture was the only word close enough to describe such an indescribable sensation of her senses. Her body and soul was possessed. Sight and scent were no longer enough. She moved forward, stretching out her hands to touch and embrace the object of her devotion; desiring only to be immersed totally and forever in its magnificence. She pulled the rose to her face, drinking in the scent, colour and velvet texture; gasping and groaning in mounting ecstasy. No longer able to contain the overpowering sensations, she was seized in a muscular spasm and crushed the perfect bloom.

Petals dripped from her fingers as tears formed in her eyes. Memories of a lost love flooded her brain. Her jealousy and overbearing passion had driven him away. 

“You always hurt the love you love, the one you shouldn’t hurt at all. You always take the sweetest rose and crush it till the petals fall.”

She fell on her face and wept uncontrollably. 

The One You Love