Robert Sewell, singer, writer and poet.

Robert Sewell: have you heard of this remarkable man?


Robert Sewell singing to live audience

Robert Sewell singing to live audience

According to Barbara Stonewall, freelance reporter based in West Yorkshire, Robert Sewell is a typical Yorkshire male, at least how they like to portray themselves as being — mean, brusque and masterful. Or is that just a rumour? I ask myself.

Ms Stonewall raves about Sewell’s singing ability and seems to think his macho characteristics and Yorkshire intonation are part of his mystique. Certainly, I myself find his singing pleasant to the ear, but I’m not sure I would go overboard as to the macho image. I suspect that underneath that tough exterior there beats a tender heart. But this is mere speculation.

I have not read Violence and Violets. I suspect it is a longer version of his moving story concerning events of the early 1980’s. It was a time of heartache and violence in mining communities of which Sewell was a part. I may be mistaken but I think the short story was called Gala Day. On the other hand, that might have been the picture under the title. But if the exact title escapes me, I will never forget the loyalty, violence, bravery and poignancy the storytelling portrayed. I look forward to reading the full story in Sewell’s prize-winning book. The title, Violence and Violets is particularly apt: Violence speaks for itself, and violets symbolise watchfulness, faithfulness, I’ll always be true.

Sewell’s poetry, like the man, is a bit of an enigma. I have read his book of poems and they reflect his personality: brusqueness mingled with tenderness, openness with impenetrable depth, hopes and fears, joy and pain. I like them, even the openly chauvinistic ones, which I suspect, are written tongue in cheek.

Barbara Stonewall appears to be quite captivated by the man. She even claims he saved her dog from drowning in the village pond. But I have it on good authority that Sewell merely wished to retrieve his fee that was in an envelope the dog had run off with. Or did Sewell get that story around to keep up his mean-streak image?

If you have not heard Sewell sing, go to my site on Look on the white imeem panel under the photo carousel and click on number 3 — Love Letters Robert Sewell

Then click on Thrilling Encounter and hear about Barbara Stonewall’s interview with the man himself.

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4 Responses to “Robert Sewell, singer, writer and poet.”

  1. Robert Sewell Says:

    Nope – this ain’t no rumour, Mrs Hobson: ‘mean, brusque and masterful’ That’s exactly how we are. Yorkshiremen are Men, and our women are glad of it!


    Robert Sewell

  2. Robert Sewell Says:

    And you can tell Boobs I forgot to charge her for the private performance and for the two weeks interest I lost on the fifty quid. I’ll settle for another fifty.

    More regards

    Robert Sewell

  3. Robert Sewell Says:

    The comma was lost under another layer of dust!!

  4. Gladys Hobson Says:

    I am most honoured that Robert Sewell should visit Wrinkly Writers. I dare say he feels at home here. I think he is trying to do a cover-up job though. The dust to which he refers is presumably that in his den where he does his recordings. “Get cleaning woman,” was written in the dust. Barbara Stonewall pondered as to whether a comma was missing (Get cleaning, woman.) She preferred to think he was telling his wife to ‘get cleaning!’ rather than employ a cleaning lady. It is my opinion that HIS WIFE HAD WRITTEN in the dust not Sewell. Likely she was on strike.

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