Precious Feedback!

My books — all available at Amazon and Magpies Nest Publishing

My books — all available at Amazon and Magpies Nest Publishing

My Awakening Love will be released by Stonehedge Publishing as an E-book in a few weeks’ time. I received a lovely feedback from the editor: “You have such wonderful style.” Then again this morning an Email from a friend said that my Blazing Embers was really good and that she had a job getting it back as it was passed from one to another of her friends. Of course, I’ve had similar things said about all my books, and received good reviews, but I am useless at marketing! So it is good to be taken on by Stonehedge. The E-book version of Awakening Love and its sequel, Seduction By Design, will be made available to readers throughout the whole world.
My printed books are available on Amazon and by ordering directly at my publishing website. Samples of all the books can be read there. (Please note: second hand copies of ‘When Phones Were Immobile and Lived in Red Boxes’ are presently available on Amazon. This is not a POD book. The print run has been a sell out and I will only re-order if the demand is big enough)

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One Response to “Precious Feedback!”

  1. Payton L. Inkletter Says:

    Nice to hear Gladys! May umpteen touzands of Awakening Love be bought. Success is accumulating by a thousand drops, rather than an avalanche, but success is sweet.

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