Late Summer Contrasts

Simple Perfection

Simple Perfection

A confusion of colour

A confusion of colour

I took these photos this morning. We have had rain for quite a while but today the sun is shining. The eucryphia is a shrubby tree with simple white flowers, a perfect contrast to the showy blooms of late summer. I love the contrasts within the garden: the heavy rich beech and delicate silver birch; the huge oak hosting playful squirrels, and textured colourful shrubbery drawing bees and butterflies to their blooms. White contrasting the brilliant gold, red, yellow and pink roses. Fresh green grass and greys of crazy paving. And all the other colours and textures pressing on my eyes to be consumed within my brain and heart. And overhead, birds large and small draw near to feast on seeds and nuts and a multitude of insects living in harmony with nature. Birdsong is the sweetest music on earth and is only heard when and where the clamour of the world is stilled.
So it is with mankind. We see the beauty in our differences when we have eyes to see and the clamour is stilled.

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One Response to “Late Summer Contrasts”

  1. lilikaofthelake Says:

    Gladys, I really enjoy the way your mind works and your writing 🙂

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