Romance Over The Internet

Awakening Love by Gladys Hobson – now available as an Ebook. So exciting! The cover is quite pretty and perfect for the book. That locket was given to me by my husband in 1952 – perfect for the book’s setting and exactly what I had in mind when Arthur gave the gold locket to June. (Only my character’s locket had a large diamond hidden inside!)
It is a wonderful thing for a publisher to like your writing enough to want to publish your book. I have my own publishing house (Magpies Nest Publishing) for my softback version but it is great when an editor wants the book to add to their titles. I was truly thrilled yesterday when I heard that Awakening Love by Gladys Hobson is now available at Mobipocket

The locket of promised love.

The locket of promised love.

and will be available from the other major Ebook sites later this week.
The unpublished sequel is waiting in the wings!
Great though it is to be recognised in this way, it will be even better if it sells well as every penny of royalties is promised to Badge Of Life. It is a wonderful thing when you can use your gifts to help others. It happened with my When Phones Were Immobile and Lived in Red Boxes (A third world children’s charity benefited). Writing for a purpose makes the tremendous effort a worthwhile activity.

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One Response to “Romance Over The Internet”

  1. Payton L. Inkletter Says:

    You are setting a wonderful example Gladys, and I wish that Awakening Love is bought in healthy numbers.

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