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Like a Little Child

September 27, 2008

The television was on showing starving children in Africa. A toddler, dressed in vest and nappy, sat on the floor with a dummy (comforter) in his mouth, watching a crying baby. Silently, he stood up, toddled to the TV screen, took the dummy from his mouth and tried to push it into the mouth of the distressed baby.
The words of Jesus came into my mind:
“Unless. you become as a little child, you cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven.”
I recalled too another incident.
Three year-old Luke sitting up in bed, sucking on his Spotty Dog’s tail, along with his own thumb. The boy brushing his cheek against the toy’s soft body drawing comfort from it’s closeness. From the room next to him came the sound of his mummy crying and his daddy speaking as though he too might be crying. It had been going on for ages. A different sound now disturbed him — the new baby howling.
Luke rocking backwards and forwards, continued to suck comfort from Spotty Dog. Suddenly, the doorbell sounded and the voices in the room next to him moved to the stairs. Luke slipped out of bed and opened his door.
“Go back to bed, Luke.” came his father’s voice from the downstairs hall. “Mummy isn’t well, she’s going to hospital. She’ll be back soon. Lucy’s going with her.”
A strange man was in the hall, putting his crying mum into a wheelchair. Daddy had baby Lucy, and a lady was holding out her arms to take her.
“I want to come,” Luke said, hurrying down the stairs with Spotty’s tail clasped in his fingers.
“Sorry, Luke, we have to stay here.”
The door was already open. His mummy turned her wet face towards him. She seemed to be finding it hard to speak. “I’ll be home soon. Be a… ” Tears flowed again.
Luke ran up to her and held out his comforting toy. “Take Spotty with you. He’ll make you better.”

The words of Jesus:
“Unless you become as a little child, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”