Consider the lilies of the field…

“Why is it that the children here are so happy and always laughing? They have so little of anything,” so asked the son of the Christian worker.
It was true. But the children in that African village had nothing to lose, nothing to get stolen and nothing to envy. They were loved and cared for within a large family and community group.
How wicked that throughout the world, (including parts of Africa) many children have a totally different experience of life. Cruelty to children is widespread. And so is lack of loving relationships.
We have a lot to learn about true happiness that does not rely on material goods and outward beauty. What do we teach our children through our own actions and attitudes?

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One Response to “Consider the lilies of the field…”

  1. Byam McGoodwin Says:

    Please see Peace is Possible by Andrea Cagan at The Mighty River Press. It is an excellent bio. It has 400 pgs. and 90 pictures of the Life and Message of Prem Rawat. is poetry and music set to music, very nice. Contact is international. Thank you. Byam

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