Rainbow Magic


Rainbow magic lighting the gloom

Rainbow magic lighting the gloom

You have to look closely to spot the rainbow here. But like many things in life we easily see the gloom, sometimes preferring to see the dark side of life at any given moment, rather than accept the small pleasures that often come free. I know I like an occasional good moan. When I saw this rainbow almost over our house I could have wept for joy at its beauty! Here we have the contrasts of sun and shadow. Heavy rain has fallen for most of the summer. How much glorious then is a glimpse of what happens when rain and sun meet in brilliant spendour of colour! 

There is a lot of gloom in the world over the financial situation. Most of it has come about through chasing and grasping at rainbows of happiness. Living beyond one’s means was frowned on when we were young. To get a bank loan was a serious business and only those who could show their ability to pay it back would be given one. We worked and saved. Mortgages were not easy to come by and only one of a couple’s income would be taken into the equation. This was a good thing. It kept house prices affordable. As soon as both incomes were taken into account, so house prices shot up. Then loan companies vied with each other to give even greater inducements with 100% loans and more! Loans were given to people who could hardly afford the payments. House prices continued to rise. So did the divorce rate. Stress and worry. Credit cards handed out like confetti. Spenders taking little account that they would be paying back with interest – if indeed they could afford to make the payments. The lure of foreign holidays to relieve the pressure, eating out and swallowing one’s worries down with alcohol, all add up to the present situation.

Many people hardly realise that clothes, and what once were regarded as luxury goods, are cheaper than they have ever been. But it is only because men, women and children, sweat many hours for little pay. Much money is made by companies from their sweated labour.

We in the West are so selfish, worrying about our possessions when millions are dying all over world through starvation, dreaded diseases and in futile conflicts within countries where mineral wealth is paramount and human lives are of little regard. Who rules the nations? It seems to me those with the power of wealth. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

So what if we have to buy cheaper brands of essential goods? So what if we have to go without a planned holiday, so what if the have to cook meals ourselves and eat up leftovers? And employ many other money saving strategies? Believe it or not it can actually be fun! A new lifestyle of discovery and self-realisation of what we can actually do and achieve and be happy with simple living. 

Rainbows do not last for long but how they can brighten our lives. They are not gold or jewels. You can’t possess them. That is their beauty in this throw-away society. And yet, they can change our whole perspective on life. There is no pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, the joy is in beholding what is already there.


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One Response to “Rainbow Magic”

  1. Payton L. Inkletter Says:

    Thank you Gladys for your timely wisdom, and the wonderful photo. Your statement ‘the joy is in beholding what is already there’ is a maxim which opens doors to the greatest realities that bestow life, and happiness without limits. The greatest reality being that we are loved infinitely, NOW.

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