Chatsworth…in the autumn


Autumn glory in Chatsworth woods

Autumn glory in Chatsworth woods



Chatsworth House and estate have intrigued me since I first visited the park about sixty years ago! Many people will know the country estate – home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire – from seeing it as the backdrop for a number of historical dramas on television.

The house is quite impressive as are all the buildings that make up the house and park. We visit the park two or three times a year, just to walk the many footpaths that take you through the beautiful grounds of the estate. So much can be said about the place and it is best to look at their website for all the fascinating details. (You can even stay for holidays in some of the buildings. The Hunting Tower, overlooking Chatsworth House and many square miles of the estate, particularly intrigues me. It was from the top room that the ladies would watch the lords and gentlemen ride their horses on their stag hunts. The whole area is steeped in history.

This time of the year is especially beautiful and so we had a walk through the woods before leaving our brief visit to Derbyshire. The day before we had attended the funeral of a dear niece. It was a reminder to us of the life and death cycle of all nature and yet the living on of all that is beautiful and memorable – beauty, love and joy are forever printed on our hearts.

Chatsworth revisited in the autumn

Chatsworth revisited in the autumn

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