Chester at night


Christmas lights in Chester

Christmas lights in Chester

Not a good photograph but it gives an idea of the Christmas lights in the shopping areas of Chester.

It is rather lovely that at a rather dull and wet time of the year we have the brightness of special lighting to cheer us. Something that is free to look at even if shopping may reduce the contents of one’s purse.

We were in Chester partly to go to our friend Geoff Nelder’s book signing at Borders, Cheshire Oaks. What a huge bookstore! I strongly suspect that most book sales are of those piled up on the tables where their covers are clearly visible and you can’t help but notice them as you walk around the shop. Do I sound envious? You bet!

There are so many unsung authors, but that is inevitable in a world of big business and cheap books – so unlike the days when prices for books were fixed by the publisher. Do we read more now that books are cheaper? I guess with the growth of so many other diversions — TV, videos, games etc etc that is not an easy question to answer. Surveys may be done on book sales and reading habits but they do not tell us a whole storyl. What does speak volumes is the closing of independent book shops. We are almost directed by the big boys, celebrities and promotional techniques, as to what we buy — actually reading the books is another matter.


Chatting with Geoff at Borders

Chatting with Geoff at Borders

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