Sex, Sex, Sex! Over Sixties Too? Shocking!

Sex, sex, sex! Over sixties too?

Most days my post “Sex and the Over Sixties- Blazing Embers,” receives a visit, sometimes several visits. It is the highest scoring post over the last six months. Clearly there is a strong interest in the subject. But is this surprising? Those people who grew up in a more promiscuous age, and one must add ‘enlightened’ age as regards sex, will be already receiving their free bus passes, which means they are on the fast track to wrinkly status but with their tackle still intact and (likely) rearing to go! Or champing at the bit, as the case may be.

Youngsters may laugh, nay sneer, at the thought of silver surfers or golden oldies (or just plain pensioners) engaging in activities, that for some reason – known only to themselves – believe to be the prerogative of the young and smooth skinned. Wrinklies pushing the envelope under the sheets, entwining arthritic bodies? Disgusting!

Not so, sweet youth. There’s many a wrinkly that can teach youth a thing or two. Satisfaction does NOT depend on acrobatics, studs in odd places, how far you can stretch your tongue, swallowing down a gallon of lager, or anything other accoutrement that may be considered as part of the mating game. No. It is love, patience, tenderness, unhurried fore play, desire to give pleasure as much as receive it, a joining of souls in union of desire that bonds a couple and the oldies have had years of practice. What is more — they have the time to indulge their fancies. Not all pensioners want to use a free bus pass travelling here and there day after day. There are other things they can do without cost and which provide plenty of execise!

SEX, Sex, Sex. You don’t have to be sex mad – just enjoy it. Whatever age.

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