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Ruth Rendall’s Adam and Eve and Pinch Me

February 19, 2009

Ruth Rendall’s Adam and Eve and Pinch Me

A large cast of strong characters, each portrayed in Technicolor brilliance, and a story line that twists and turns in its build-up to the murder.

We know who did it but the deranged person is never suspected. So the stories within the main story have a life of their own which all draw in nicely at the denouement.

The central male character is plausible — a handsome, if tardy, seducer of women in order to live off their money. Moving on as his mood takes him, he leaves behind lovers who have no regrets — save one. His death by stabbing is mysterious as suspects are gradually eliminated. A number of characters find a new life in spite of trauma suffered. It just goes to prove that every cloud has the possibility of a silver lining.

I found the number of characters confusing at first. My husband thought the novel long-winded in places. But I enjoyed the working out of the individual stories within the story. What might well have been disasters turned out to be blessings in disguise for some — not that being a murder suspect is a necessary element in solving one’s problems. But in this case, the foul deed becomes the catalyst for new beginnings.