Ulverston… on the edge of a bay… on the fringe of mountains!

sdc11091sdc11104sdc10614Ulverston is a small market town on the edge of Morecambe Bay, and within sight of the wonderful Lake District. This is my home, and has been for forty years, although sixteen of them were living in a village close by. Throughout the year we have festivals which bring in many tourists. Annual Carnival, Dickensian Weekend, Lantern Procession, St George’s Celebration, Folklore Festival, Walkers festival… the list goes on. Bands play on Thursday through the summer and also on special occasions. These last two weekends have been very special.

Last Sunday, Ken Dodd arrived to unveil the new Laurel and Hardy statue. Stan was born in our town. A huge crowd gathered and the Town Band and others entertained for several hours. The place was swarming with Sons of the Desert and other Stan and Olly fans. 

This week it has been the turn of the Feast Of St George. All very patriotic with flags flying and market stalls bright with striped awnings etc. 

What do I think of St George? Well, as a patron saint of England would seem rather odd (considering George was not from this country) but the idea of slaying dragons (if we mean by that, all that would threaten the lives of the innocent and vulnerable) well, okay I guess, as long as we see it as metaphorical and not actual.  In other words. slaying by the power of the Word rather than by the sword,

Thankfully it stayed fine for both events, and our great Town Band was able to play in the sunshine. Fireworks usually finish off these festivals but I would rather they didn’t. It is sheer hell for the pets in the area.

Ulverston has a delightful canal, wonderful walks, A monument on a hill, fantastic views — but more of these later.

2 Responses to “Ulverston… on the edge of a bay… on the fringe of mountains!”

  1. Slim Says:

    All this and you get earthquakes as well! 🙂 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/5236454/Cumbria-shaken-by-earthquake.html

  2. Gladys Hobson Says:

    Oh yes, we have have festivals in a big way here!
    Actually, I had just finished taking photographs of our back garden for my blogspot – Writing For Joy (posted this afternoon) – when I heard a rumble. I thought it was distant thunder. My hubby was in the front garden and he heard it too. He saw most of our neighbours come out to see what was happening as they had felt it as well as heard it.
    It certainly was not as bad as one we had when we lived in Loughborough a long time ago. That one fractured the soil pipe.

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