Ulverston, Cumbria — a walk in May

SDC11234I can’t say that I felt like walking yesterday, I felt old and weary! I was also trying out a Nitrolingual spray, which I have not used since I was told my arteries are pristine! But having certain problems I was asked to try it out for diagnostic purposes. Okay, so I started out with head bursting, muscles aching, bones creaking, spirit flagging! Even so, determined to get to the top of Hoad hill, via the Flan (hill) footpath, across the road to the bluebell woods, over the footpath ladder and the long stretch up to the Monument. (Long for me, a few minutes trot for accomplished runners!)SDC11241

The pleasant paths and magnificent views are worth the physical endeavour and it is always a joy to accomplish the self-given task. Pleasant too, to walk down the other side with its different views, and have a cuppa at Booths before setting off home a different way. What a great feeling to have made the effort!










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