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Red Boxes — new edition started

October 14, 2009

SDC10754What a lark! Yesterday I (that is Magpies Nest Publishing) received an order from Bertrams (many bookshops buy their books through them) for When Phones Were Immobile and Lived in Red Boxes – New Edition. I think I must have mentioned it somewhere that I was thinking of publishing a new edition because it has been out of print for a while and some people wanted to read ‘what happened next’.
I have been busy rewriting Checkmate and I finished it today. (It will need a proof reading but that can wait) So the order came as a timely reminder to get on with what people WANT to read!
So I am back down Memory Lane and truly enjoying the experience. Moving to the Furness area – especially Barrow- was like moving back in time! You still had to go through the operator to make your phone call, and press button A to get your few penniesworth, or B to get your money back. Shops closed at lunchtime – even a cafe closed at one until two pm!

All will be revealed!
See and Magpies Nest Publishing for info on When Phones were Immobile and Lived In red Boxes