And More Dress Design sketches 1950’s (Awakening Love era)

When I was sorting out stuff in the attic, I came across a large pack of designs I did when I was a Freelance Dress Designer in the 1950’s to early sixties. I first designed for manufacturers of dresses, suits and separates. Then I was also taken on by a lingerie manufacturer, followed by a housecoat and nightwear manufacturer to sold directly to a well-known High Street store. Later, when I decided on education as a career (to suit home obligations with a growing family) I just kept to lingerie free-lancing, and exercised my design abilities in other directions — clothes, including wedding outfits etc for family and friends. Plus, of course, artistic stuff for school work,and later on, for my work in churches. But I kept the sketches and, looking at them, thought that today, over 50 years since they were drawn, they would still look good enough to attract customers! Well, let’s face it, folk can wear anything these days, whether suitable or not. In fact, ‘baby doll’ nightwear I designed all those years ago can be seen today as outerwear! But I’ll post those outfits later.
See also my design sketches in colour
and ‘More dress Designs from the 1950’s
My own experiences in Dress Design inspired the writing of my Love’s Design trilogy presently being published by the Australian publisher – Dare Empire for worldwide eBook readership. Awakening Love is already being sold for Kindle reading and other formats ready in early January 2011 — likewise for part two Seduction, and part three Checkmate. Printed versions quickly following.

Here in the UK Magpies Nest Publishing produce printed versions. Can be ordered from any good bookstore such as Waterstones or post free in the UK directly from Magpies Nest Publishing.

See my author site for reviews etc and Magpies Nest Publishing for all my books plus chapters to read and reviews to ponder.



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4 Responses to “And More Dress Design sketches 1950’s (Awakening Love era)”

  1. Geoff Dellow Says:

    They look good.

    How did you use this talent subsequently?

    Did you use it while teaching?

    Do you sketch for fun now?

  2. Gladys Hobson Says:

    Thank you.
    I had hoped to do so when I went into Secondary teaching but it proved impossible. But I took art lessons and they went well. I mounted art work and had it displayed all over the annexe.
    In infant/junior teaching, there was ample opportunity to use my skills, especially in teaching aids and displays.
    I designed and made clothes for myself and family members, plus two wedding dresses, bridesmaids and clothes for my mother etc. That sort of thing.
    Creative embroidery too.
    I have pictures all over the house – oils, water colours, pencil crayon, pen and ink, acrylics. I did the illustrations too in some of my books.
    When I worked in the church I made two banners as asked for, plus a large wall hanging using ideas and help of a group of youngsters. Display work etc etc. Plus large stick puppets for a Christingle service. Pamphlet design and drawings too.
    I have designed/painted scenery for a musical stage production, a full set of costumes for a play (performed by teachers), costumes for nativity plays etc.
    It all seems long ago!
    I sometimes sketch on holiday.
    I don’t do much now as my eyes cannot stand the strain.

  3. Geoff Dellow Says:

    Thanks Gladys for such a detailed reply.

    Have you ever been tempted to get involved with the Flag making group here in Ulverston?

    I’m sure the design would appeal to you greatly but perhaps it would be too difficult now.

    Please bear in mind pottery ( which you’ve tried of course). I’m thinking that you could do this largely by touch so that you could echo some of the dress designs you have done above.

    I’m thinking smooth shapes that might be inspired by the shapes that you get as snow falls over natural objects outside.

    Lifts available there and back if you can be tempted.

    This applies to anyone reading this (gd at!

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