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NEW EDITION — When Phones Were Immobile and Lived in Red Boxes is now available

December 29, 2009

Queuing to phone at the corner telephone box!

When Phones Were Immobile and Lived in RED BOXES — ISBN 978-0-9548885-8-9
Now available in Ulverston at the Tinners Rabbit Bookshop, The Novel Cafe, The Corner Bookshop in the Market Hall. Also in Barrow-in-Furness at Heath’s Books and Stationers.
May be purchased on-line (signed if required) at Magpies Nest Publishing or order from any good bookshop (don’t forget ISBN number)
£7.50 – includes P&P if ordered direct from publisher. (UK)

Chapter One — School-days:
sewage, sex, sport and school dinners.
Chapter Two — No NHS.
Chapter Three — Of God and Bananas.
Chapter Four — Of war and play.
Chapter Five — Innocent youth or just plain daft?
Chapter Six — Family affairs.
Chapter Seven — I want to be a designer.
Chapter Eight — Moving on to where I started!
Chapter Nine — Boys!
Chapter Ten — You shall go to the ball.
Conclusion — The beginning of the new.
Chapter Eleven — On the move.
Chapter Twelve — Babies !
Chapter Thirteen — Education and all that.
Chapter Fourteen — Practice makes perfect?

This book, enjoyed by young and old – and all those in between – gets passed around whole families — sometimes getting as far as Canada, the USA and Australia!
Excellent reviews. Go to Magpies Nest Publishing for more information and chapters to read.

White Christmas and Sun!

December 26, 2009

Terrible weather for some around the country with hold-ups for many. But how lovely to have the white blanket softening the landscape and blue skies to lift the heart.
With families drawing together, what could be more enchanting.
My heart goes out to those who suffer separation, pain and sorrow.

SNOW: Of Beauty and the Beast

December 24, 2009

Snow can be magically beautiful, it can also be utterly beastly and cause loss of life.
Here in a garden is is simply heavenly.
On Tuesday I did not stray from the house. I have had two lots of hospital treatments due to slipping on ice and I did not fancy such problems over Christmas. Yesterday we ventured out in the car. Our little road was icy but it was okay on the main roads. When we passed through Dalton, we saw very little of the white stuff, and arriving in Barrow not a single snowflake did we see. When I awoke this morning another fine layer of snow had fallen, on top of previous falls. So we took a photo just in case that might be the last snow we witness for a long time.