Checkmate — pre-published review

A pre-published review of Checkmate by Gladys Hobson
Reviewed by Geoff Nelder: award-winning author and co-editor of Escape Velocity magazine.

Gladys Hobson’s Checkmate is much more than a romance novel. It is a tour de force of the strengths and weaknesses between members of two powerful families. It is the English Lake District’s own Dallas only with more three-dimensional characters. The plot rotates around the conflict generated by Robert, whose sexual magnetism lures women and steers his business to the detriment of his arch-enemy. This reader felt an overwhelming desire to travel to Cumbria, find Robert and smash his face in. However, Gladys is too subtle to allow simple revenge. Instead the rogue is given a long leash… but suffer he does.
Although I mainly read and review science fiction and fantasy novels, the characters in Checkmate are so engaging you get to experience what each character thinks of each other: scheming men and women, the devoted and the deluded. Compelling reading.
As a romance novel, you’ll need asbestos gloves to read these fiery pages. It is far more than eroticism: it is a perceptive and insightful exploration of a family’s relationships, lusts and passions. In amongst the wily machinations there is humour. For example you’ll not keep a straight face reading a hilarious sex-in-a-car attempt.
Gladys Hobson is an experienced novelist and it shows in her masterful writing. Any reader of romance will be enriched by reading Checkmate, a must-read addition to their bookshelves.

Checkmate is the third book in the Designed For Love series.
The first book, Awakening Love, is published by Magpies Nest Publishing
This book is also published by AGPress (USA) as DESIRE

The second book of the series, Seduction By Design, is also published by AGPress

Checkmate is in preparation.

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2 Responses to “Checkmate — pre-published review”

  1. Payton L. Inkletter Says:

    Excellent review Geoff! I recently finished ‘Desire‘ (‘Awakening Love‘), the first of the trilogy, and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of ‘Checkmate‘ from AGPress any day now in our mail.

    Great minds must think alike, for while you wanted to search Cumbria to find Robert and smash his face in, I wanted to take to the bastard with a cricket bat, leaving my options open as to the particular body parts which were to collide with willow; and that’s just my state of mind from book one! I’ll keep the public posted if I am stirred to further creative rendition to facilitate the mongrel’s rehabilitation after ‘Seduction by Design‘ and ‘Checkmate‘.

  2. Der Fotograf Says:

    Thanks for all the useful article. They really helped me ! You just got a new subscriber now!

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