The Sorry State of American Politics — a UK biddie’s POV

The Sorry State of American Politics — a UK biddie’s POV

I don’t usually dabble in politics, I find it a rather dry biscuit to swallow. However, the present situation as regards the BP oil spillage and the US reactions to this disaster makes me put fingertips to keys!
Without a doubt, the problem is huge, unpleasant for both humans and wild life, an economic disaster on a large scale and a great worry to all living in that very large area. It must also be a great concern to those, who, concerned with the need for fuel self-sufficiency, went ahead with the programme of deep water offshore drilling.
Per head of the population, America is the largest guzzler of fuel in the whole world but appear to do little to restrain its appetite. At least, an effort was being made to gain a little independence. Apparently, there is opposition to just about all the alternatives of fuel provision. ‘Not in my backyard’. Let’s hope they (and others) don’t go bio and ruin forests and food production in poorer countries.
Having made BP the red-eyed monster in all this, in spite of the drilling service and equipment being entirely American (so I understand), the whole thing has now being equalled with the magnitude of a terrorist attack, which took thousands of lives and shook America to its very core.
Certainly, the accident has had, and will go on having, dreadful consequences. I find it sad that nothing appears to have been said, and no regrets expressed, for those poor workers who lost their lives. (Or has such reporting been missed out by foreign media?) Surely there must be injured personnel too? We have seen dead and struggling birds, angry demonstrations, pictures of oil on sea and beaches that horrify. But men risk life and limb to bring in oil. Doesn’t anyone care?
BP has become the Whipping Boy for America’s financial ills. To me this is shown in that comparison with 7/11. BP will be footing the bill for the clean up. No doubt the lawyers are already reckoning their future fees. So where is the comparison? Has BP suddenly taken on the persona of a terrorist organisation out to ruin the US economy? Ridiculous!
To make this comparison devalues the loss of life on that terrible day the twin towers fell. It also appears to make the BP workers into terrorists out to bring down America. Of
I am saddened that Obama, someone I have a high respect for, did not think through his ‘vulnerability’ speech before opening his mouth.

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3 Responses to “The Sorry State of American Politics — a UK biddie’s POV”

  1. Sheila Deeth Says:

    I guess I’ve been away and not caught all the news, but I suspect all that’s portrayed as big US news overseas may not qualify as real US news. What I do find odd is all the times I hear people here complain that “the government” should do something, as if people who govern might know more about how to fix a deep-sea problem than those who actually deal with it. Of course, that’s the same “government” that they claimed couldn’t cope with administrating a national health service. Government? Administration? Logic has very little to do with emotional reactions of course, and the news is frequently more about “how the people react” than “what the people might want to know.”

  2. Gladys Hobson Says:

    Hi Sheila
    Thanks for the comment. I have close relatives in the USA.
    This is what one wrote to me just a short while ago:

    ‘Of course, we are quite worried that in typical American reactionary fashion, the US will sour on offshore drilling. The environmentalists in the US are wacky. We depend too much on foreign oil but can’t drill here. OK how about coal? No, too dirty and dangerous. OK, how about solar? No, it is unsightly. OK, how about geothermal? No, it is on ‘treasured’ lands? How about oil shale? Scars the land. How about nuclear? Too much risk of melt downs. How about wind? Unsightly and dangerous for birds. How about no electricity? Well, the government needs to fund science for alternatives’.

  3. Payton L. Inkletter Says:

    You have given a rather balanced appraisal of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico Gladys.

    The American public appear to be far more interested in a black and white analysis on this predicament, and their media and political machine appear only too interested in feeding them one.

    All of us who use oil (which is just about everyone in some form or other, from fuel to plastic to fertilizer to the produce from the fertilizer, etc.) bear some responsibility for the disasters that occur, tempered by the economic imperatives dictating that we are not given practical affordable choices yet.

    Here in Western Australia BP’s outlets might suffer a backlash, however, BP’s Kwinana refinery is the supplier of virtually all the competitor outlets, I understand, in our city of Perth if not our entire state. And so if BP was to stop supplying our state with fuel tomorrow, there’d be riots. And a strong smell of hypocrisy.

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