Ulverston Carnival — Fantastic!

Crowds of people enjoying themselves!

Many more to come

It was a gorgeous day last Saturday, not just because of fine weather but because it was a day when the residents of Ulverston and surrounding districts pulled out all the stops to put on a wonderful carnival. We were amazed at the ingenuity and skills of all those who made the costumes and equipment necessary for this fantastic event. Pipers and variety of bands took part, just about all the dancing schools in the area, and no doubt many of the local schoolchildren, clubs and pubs! It was a day of celebration to dispel financial gloom. A day of pulling together to rejoice and entertain. Tiny tots to adults (of all ages) did their best and no doubt so did many parents who made costumes. More on the Carnival and quite a few photographs can be seen on two of my blogs:
Writing For Joy
Diary Of A Country Lady
Don’t forget to click on the photographs to enlarge them.
You will notice that some of the dancers look a little weary. That is because before they reached us they had been dancing to entertain the crowds. Part of the time we were at a corner where the parade had to halt while crowds behind and at the front were entertained! We like to catch people unawares not just in stiff poses.

Just one of the bands

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2 Responses to “Ulverston Carnival — Fantastic!”

  1. Geoff Dellow Says:

    We again, thoroughly enjoyed the Ulverston VHS band playing in the Market Square in the morning – impressive standard – couldn’t keep still – felt I had to dance.

  2. damyantig Says:

    Lovely pictures and awesome post…wish I was there.

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