Now For Something Completely Different!

And now for something completely different!

Cat early morning

Surprised cat caught mousing

I often get up early. Looking out of my study window I saw a roundish black something on the slope leading up to the garden. It was still fairly dark but I thought it might possibly be a cat with its head stuck in the low shrubbery. Doing what? The light was bad and I was indoors but I decided to take a snap of the object. I took a couple and then tapped on the window to see if the object moved. It did. A head came up out of the shrubbery. I quickly snapped the cat before it disappeared. The flash came on. Unfortunately it was reflected on the window glass and the image I got is quite ghostly. But I love it! I love the blue eyes glowing in the gloom. But I don’t love the cat. We found a tiny shrew on the drive. Is that what the cat was waiting for? I have to say, I admire its dedication. While it was outside the cat kept incredibly still.

My latest book is now finished, but more of that later.

Writing For joy
Gladys Hobson — Author
Diary Of A Country Lady
Magpies Nest Publishing.

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One Response to “Now For Something Completely Different!”

  1. Damyanti Says:

    Spooky pic, Gladys. Would make a lovely writing prompt!

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