Eric… The Breaker of Hearts

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4 Responses to “Eric… The Breaker of Hearts”

  1. geoffnelder Says:

    Nottingham is the adopted home of my son and his new family, and he strolled those very parks in your marvelous photographs. While I was at Sheffield uni I knew a Maggie – umm, connections.

    Well done on the poem.

  2. Damyanti Says:

    I love the pics and your descriptions of your growing into adulthood. They’re always such confusing times.

  3. Gladys Hobson Says:

    Thank you for your comments Geoff and Damyanti. I wish I could go there more often but not possible.
    I still love that park. Revisiting brings back such memories – my dad stung on his lip by a bee — nasty. My brother falling in the lake and his only suit shrinking on him, My mum being accused by my dad of trying to push his wheelchair in the lake – with him in it. My friend and I while boating battling with male students in another boat – with my oar! And so I could go on…

  4. Damyanti Says:

    Go back into the memories if you can, Gladys. We could make the fascinating journey with you.

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