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Confessions of a frustrated writer

October 3, 2007

I guess the rejection by the Christopher Hill Agency hit me more than I thought it had. I have had time to think — a dangerous practice if you want to keep sane! Maybe talking about it will help — even if no one is listening.

Over six years I have come to expect rejection from agents and publishers but that does not mean it does not hurt. In fact, the more my writing is praised by those who actually read my self-published books and stories, the greater seems to be my frustration at not having it recognised by those who rule the publishing business. No use my saying it does not matter because it obviously does! Why else do I occasionally try to interest those who can get my novels noticed? I have to be honest with myself.

Yes, I write for pleasure and not for fame. And certainly not for money. Self-publishing is okay but the doors are closing for such writers as myself. Friendly bookstores like Ottakar’s are no more. Independent bookshops are closing every day. Books can be bought at incredible prices from cut-price stores and on the internet. Unless I want to spend time and money marketing, on the off-chance that I will sell a few books here and there, the only answer is POD and supply interested friends and family only. Not pushing — I want interested readers not folk who feel sorry for the poor old biddie trying to promote her books! Books are for reading. (Pause for big sigh!)

And yet, who knows what possibilities lie ahead? It only takes a spark to set a forest on fire. Someone somewhere see a possibility of one of my stories becoming popular and give it all they’ve got?

I said to my hubby this morning:
“How about I hold up a bank? I could send out ‘tales of the unexpected’ from my prison cell. Maybe get interviewed by the tabloids, OAP’s with with banners yelling, ‘Free the old biddie! Higher pensions! Down with the rates! Better services! Free books for all!” (Ouch! they are almost that already!)

Golly, it’s ten o’clock and here am I a ‘woman in a dressing-gown’. Get yourself dressed girl and get out! Then get back to that unfinished story!