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Fantasy Or Fact?

October 24, 2010

It came in the night

The hairs of my head feel like creeping insects, my heart a ticking time bomb — fast, faster, faster… boom, boom, boom. My eyes can only focus on one thing, and that thing slowly moves and changes shape even as I stand there, rooted to the spot.
A ghost? A thing from outer space?
It looks so ugly. But what right have I to judge beauty? What right has anyone? What was it my mother used to say?
Beauty is what beauty does, or some such thing. But what is this creature going to do?
It’s moving and changing shape again…

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Flash Fiction — Payment In Kind

February 8, 2010

Payment In Kind by Gladys Hobson. Flash Fiction — 250 words

Payment In Kind

A sickly scent of peaches mingling with the stench of rotting cabbage and fish assailed his nostrils, blocking airways and invading taste buds — yuk! Unrelenting pain blotted out the who, why and where of his existence.
Wailing and thumping noises, that might have been music had he not descended into hell, gave him a clue as to the where. Somewhere near the Barn Owl nightclub. The alley?
He forced open an eye. Clinging slime wiped across the exposed cornea and stung like hell. He tried to push away the offending garbage but each move shunted him deeper into a gooey pit. Terrified that the oblivion he craved might be permanent rather than temporary relief, he tried to think.

Whirlwind flashbacks: dancing with Maria, flirting with Maria, sex with Maria…. Who the hell is Maria? Maria… Maria… Maria. The nightclub’s pole dancer? Sex again with Maria. In walks a Pole with a menacing chunk of wood, demanding money. A pimp with a pole? A Pole pimp’s pole? Ha, ha, ahhhhh…. Agony… agony.
Money… money… money. No money left…. Crack! Ahhhhh….
Must get help. Don’t move… scream. No, don’t scream. Pimp with a pole out there. Want to vomit. Don’t vomit, don’t groan, don’t move, quiet — play dead.
Hell of a racket nearby.
Noise, stench, slime, rolling, lifting… up… up… up — over… down… sinking… crushing… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Valinsky watched through the nightclub office window as the waste-disposal truck pulled away. He grinned. Fair payment for Maria’s services. Good profit in illicit pig food.