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Of Pigs In Muck and Vacuum Gardening!

April 14, 2010

Of pigs in muck, and vacuuming bushes!

It has been a rather odd sort of day. My neighbours must think dementia has truly set in. I could be seen vacuuming one of my large camellia bushes. I was using a battery hand-held mobile vacuum cleaner in the hope of removing a hard black coating that has infested almost the whole bush. (The black stuff is called sooty something or other.) It did not work. I knew it would scrape off because I spent ten minutes scraping leaves on Sunday. But I wanted a quicker solution. So, after the battery ran down in the cleaner, I brought out a stiff-haired hand-held carpet brush. Pretty good. I removed a few buds in the process but with quite a few leaves de-sooted the sun can now get to work. Last year I vacuumed dandelion clocks. Excellent! Best thing to stop the seeds flying away.
This afternoon I took a walk along Gill Banks and photographed little pigs in the field the other side of a wall. Amazing how they can turn rocks over and dig out holes with their snouts, and snuffle stuff to eat. It is not a large enclosure and the whole patch must have been turned over many times. I can quite see why some mystery writers use pigs to dispose of bodies!
I also photographed the footpath and stream. It is a grand place for a quiet stroll. A bubbling stream, wild flowers and, if you are at the right end, a whiff of little pigs doing their own thing!

Praise Is Uplifting

June 19, 2009


New growth on old tree!

New growth on old tree!

We, that is my husband and I -(joined at the hip), were walking into town the other day, when a neighbour stopped his car to speak to us. he wanted to tell us what a lovely job we were making of our front garden.


Perhaps I should say here that the garden at the front of our house is rather larger than average and has a border going across the front and curving round to the far side of the house (small cul-de-sac) where there is a raised side garden. An ancient beech overhangs the road and other trees and shrubs go all the way round. 

About three years ago we had a 90ft tree taken down leaving a huge stump about 8ft high. This is now covered with two beautiful varieties of ivy, winter jasmine, a clematis, and my pride and joy — a rambling-climbing, sweet-scented rose capping and leaping over and upwards in a most spectacular manner. This year we trimmed back a misshapen yew (Now growing quite splendidly) removed a huge wild rhododendron and planted 11 camellia shrubs, plus rhododendrons, buddlia, California lilac, hydrangias, and edged that area with pansies and other small plants. The rest of the border is well established and requires little work to keep it tidy.

I see it a bit untidy at present but can imagine that next year the plants will have filled out and in a few years we will have to do a bit of pruning out. So I was highly delighted that our neighbours appreciate what we have done. (Others have said things as they pass by). It has been hard work. Arthritis can be painful but gardening keeps us active. Some people enjoy flashy jewellery. My plants are my jewels and I never grow tired of looking at them and, yes, talking to them! Especially my roses.

It is lovely to share things of beauty. Okay, so we have weeds back and front but they all blend together in a haphazard harmony. As for the praise, it is uplifting and, in my opinion, we should do more of it. Whether it is in appreciation of a job well done, or simply in admiration of beauty or virtue.