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ARIA; Left Luggage by Geoff Nelder — a review by G B Hobson

September 9, 2012

ARIA; Left Luggage by Geoff Nelder

Beware luggage left on your ‘doorstep’!

It must be incredibly difficult to come up with a unique and yet believable storyline for a Science Fiction novel. It appears that Geoff Nelder has done precisely that. The plot is simple and yet mind-blowing.

A simple-looking case planted by aliens on an orbiting space station makes the story of the Trojan Horse look like a mere nursery tale. The whole human race is threatened, not by hordes of odd-looking space creatures as seen on certain TV dramas, but by an unseen virus — Alien Retrograde Infectious Amnesia — that invades the brain as soon as contact is made. But there is nothing to indicate contamination, that is, until it is obvious that memory is being eaten away at an alarming rate. No one appears to be immune. With no cure, it does not take long for ARIA to become the gravest mankind issue the world, as we know it, has ever been faced with.

I know what it is like to have a loved one suffer from Dementia. It is a cruel disease and heartbreaking for all concerned. But to have the whole population in various stages of rapid amnesia — aggression, mounting diseases, starvation, bodies stinking in the streets and everything in a state of chaos and horror — is a dreaded nightmare from which there is no awakening… or so it seems. But all is not lost — YET.

Our heroes and heroines, highly believable characters who have, so far, escaped contamination are yet to make their mark in world history.  Dare we hope the alien force will relent and deliver relief before the END? Or must we put our faith in human resourcefulness?

An unusual, mind-blowing read. I look forward to the second book of the trilogy.

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Can be bought at Amazon (Both UK and plus The Book Depository


Geoff Nelder’s latest thriller — HOT AIR

December 17, 2010

Geoff Nelder’s HOT AIR — a thriller with a difference!
If you want a thorough professional review of Hot Air I suggest you visit Geoff’s blog or web site.
Geoff Nelder’s blog
Geoff Nelder’s imagination factory

Geoff Nelder signing books at Cheshire Oaks, Borders

Photograph of Geoff Nelder's HOT AIR — action-packed drama from beginning to end!

Here I am writing purely from a reader’s point of view. Well, not exactly a reader, more like a listener of stories. Since my eyesight is not good enough for sustained reading, my hubby reads to me several times a day. This is a totally different experience as, unless the reader performs to professional standards, it is easy for the mind to wander. That is, unless the story is really gripping and both reader and listener are alert to every nuance within the written word.
First, I will say that there is an excellent video trailer on you tube.
Needing no incentive to read the book, I preferred to experience the book first. Others readers may prefer an initial stimulus before purchasing.
The Story:
What seems like a fantastic birthday present — a trip in a hot air balloon with her wimp of a boyfriend — turns into a nightmare when bullets start ripping through their airborne chariot. What had they done to deserve this unscheduled event? Incredibly, they had witnessed nefarious deeds — murder? torture? gang rape? — taking place within a leafy garden in England’s green and pleasant land. Was that a knife glinting in the sun? Erica’s boyfriend Paul is busy with his camera.
Well, whatever is going off, someone is not pleased to have witnesses. From the death of their balloon pilot to the end of the book, murder, torture, mayhem follows Erica around like a whiff of bizarre perfume as she is chased through air, and across land and water — in ever increasing danger of meeting a horrible death. But her feisty spirit never flags. She trusts no one, and, so it appears, rightly so. Her ingenuity and courage are beyond measure. Often stirred but rarely shaken, she battles to escape both evil men and wild waves to make her way to freedom and so expose the murderous gang after her blood.
Who can she turn to? Unfortunately, those who help her tend to come to a sticky-bloody end.
But who is this gangster who saves her life and gets under her skin? What is he really after? Apart from sensuous sex, that is.
Many questions, from beginning to end, keep the reader anxious to know the answers. A good dusting of erotica along the way alleviates some of the chilling horror scenes. Mix with suspense, intrigue, humour, and full-blooded characterization, and you have HOT AIR!
Should this book be made into a film, you’d better grow your nails long — or take sweets to bite into! This really is a Thriller to unnerve even the most hardened of Crime readers!
Hot Air is available in print and as an eBook from Wuacademia. Click here to go direct to the site for info and swift purchase.

We read most of the Thrillers by top authors, Geoff Nelder’s HOT AIR ranks easily among them.

Gladys Hobson

Checkmate — pre-published review

March 6, 2010

A pre-published review of Checkmate by Gladys Hobson
Reviewed by Geoff Nelder: award-winning author and co-editor of Escape Velocity magazine.

Gladys Hobson’s Checkmate is much more than a romance novel. It is a tour de force of the strengths and weaknesses between members of two powerful families. It is the English Lake District’s own Dallas only with more three-dimensional characters. The plot rotates around the conflict generated by Robert, whose sexual magnetism lures women and steers his business to the detriment of his arch-enemy. This reader felt an overwhelming desire to travel to Cumbria, find Robert and smash his face in. However, Gladys is too subtle to allow simple revenge. Instead the rogue is given a long leash… but suffer he does.
Although I mainly read and review science fiction and fantasy novels, the characters in Checkmate are so engaging you get to experience what each character thinks of each other: scheming men and women, the devoted and the deluded. Compelling reading.
As a romance novel, you’ll need asbestos gloves to read these fiery pages. It is far more than eroticism: it is a perceptive and insightful exploration of a family’s relationships, lusts and passions. In amongst the wily machinations there is humour. For example you’ll not keep a straight face reading a hilarious sex-in-a-car attempt.
Gladys Hobson is an experienced novelist and it shows in her masterful writing. Any reader of romance will be enriched by reading Checkmate, a must-read addition to their bookshelves.

Checkmate is the third book in the Designed For Love series.
The first book, Awakening Love, is published by Magpies Nest Publishing
This book is also published by AGPress (USA) as DESIRE

The second book of the series, Seduction By Design, is also published by AGPress

Checkmate is in preparation.

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Chester at night

November 18, 2008


Christmas lights in Chester

Christmas lights in Chester

Not a good photograph but it gives an idea of the Christmas lights in the shopping areas of Chester.

It is rather lovely that at a rather dull and wet time of the year we have the brightness of special lighting to cheer us. Something that is free to look at even if shopping may reduce the contents of one’s purse.

We were in Chester partly to go to our friend Geoff Nelder’s book signing at Borders, Cheshire Oaks. What a huge bookstore! I strongly suspect that most book sales are of those piled up on the tables where their covers are clearly visible and you can’t help but notice them as you walk around the shop. Do I sound envious? You bet!

There are so many unsung authors, but that is inevitable in a world of big business and cheap books – so unlike the days when prices for books were fixed by the publisher. Do we read more now that books are cheaper? I guess with the growth of so many other diversions — TV, videos, games etc etc that is not an easy question to answer. Surveys may be done on book sales and reading habits but they do not tell us a whole storyl. What does speak volumes is the closing of independent book shops. We are almost directed by the big boys, celebrities and promotional techniques, as to what we buy — actually reading the books is another matter.


Chatting with Geoff at Borders

Chatting with Geoff at Borders