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Of Pigs In Muck and Vacuum Gardening!

April 14, 2010

Of pigs in muck, and vacuuming bushes!

It has been a rather odd sort of day. My neighbours must think dementia has truly set in. I could be seen vacuuming one of my large camellia bushes. I was using a battery hand-held mobile vacuum cleaner in the hope of removing a hard black coating that has infested almost the whole bush. (The black stuff is called sooty something or other.) It did not work. I knew it would scrape off because I spent ten minutes scraping leaves on Sunday. But I wanted a quicker solution. So, after the battery ran down in the cleaner, I brought out a stiff-haired hand-held carpet brush. Pretty good. I removed a few buds in the process but with quite a few leaves de-sooted the sun can now get to work. Last year I vacuumed dandelion clocks. Excellent! Best thing to stop the seeds flying away.
This afternoon I took a walk along Gill Banks and photographed little pigs in the field the other side of a wall. Amazing how they can turn rocks over and dig out holes with their snouts, and snuffle stuff to eat. It is not a large enclosure and the whole patch must have been turned over many times. I can quite see why some mystery writers use pigs to dispose of bodies!
I also photographed the footpath and stream. It is a grand place for a quiet stroll. A bubbling stream, wild flowers and, if you are at the right end, a whiff of little pigs doing their own thing!