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Badge Of Life

October 1, 2008

Click on above video. From the Badge of Life program at

My friend Andrew F O’Hara suffered many a shattering experience during his duties as a Highway Patrol Officer (USA). On the day of his retirement he prepared to take his own life — such was the unremitting psychological pain that held him in its grip. That pain will never go away but now, thanks to professional help, it has become manageable. Many will know Andy as Jerry the editor of The Jimston Journall, a colourful Internet magazine, which he himself created — each one a theme collection of stories, poems and magnificent
Andy is presently devoted to saving the lives of potential suicides by making aware the need for all police officers to be encouraged to participate in annual ‘check-ups’.

This is what O’Hara says on his web site

“The Annual Mental Health Prescription (MHP) takes the focus away from “suicide-suicide-suicide” and begins targeting “mental health for police officers.” We call this nothing more than a “vaccination” of good, preventive self care–self care for people involved in one of the world’s highest stress occupations.

Beginning at academies, we suggest that officers be encouraged to visit a therapist or other mental health professional at least once a year with the same diligence they have their teeth cleaned, work out, check the fire alarms in their homes or get a flu shot. No one need know if they actually do or not–this must be voluntary.These visits can be within the department’s mental health program or through the officer’s personal health coverage. Officers are encouraged to make this visit whether they believe it is needed or not—in fact, we explain that if they don’t feel the need, they definitely should go.”