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Love, Honour and Obey… And the bride said, “I do.”

July 21, 2010

Love, Honour and Obey… And the bride said, “I do.”

Love in their eyes

Couple with Bride's parents

Couple with Bride's parents

Happy couple with groom's parents

Happy bride with her joyful mother!

Yes, that's me — grandmother of the groom.

Laughter (and tears) at the Wedding breakfast

Family shot of the wedding Matt, Lisa, Joni (Best man), Dad and Mum.

Lisa’s choice, her own thought-out decision.
Antiquated? Not relevant in today’s society?
Taking the form of a chattel?
Romantic idealism far removed from reality?
Others will think what they will, but the vows have to be seen in context of the wedding ceremony of EACH receiving a ring and the groom making his promises to love and to cherish. A sharing in all that they are and all that they have. A joining of body, soul and possessions. The groom accepting his responsibility, not as a lord and master but as a loving responsible companion along a road of self discovery for them both. A lifetime commitment. Not a form of musical chairs — changing partners when the romantic music stops.
Two people who saved themselves until the right person came along. Two people in love and desiring the good of each other. A true Christian marriage, with Christian values.
It is over 57 years since I made the same promises. We have lived through some difficult times, things have not always gone smoothly, but we have worked through our problems and those years have been growth. That is what marriage is all about. To love and to cherish… to give and to receive…
We each bring different gifts into a marriage, the blending of masculine and feminine, the gifts with which we are endowed, the skills we have learned, all these form a whole, bound and strengthened by love. To love and honour the man you marry, to be obedient to the demands that love makes on all of us, is not a hard task but one that leads to joy and happiness, a foundation for bringing up a family with which we hope to be blessed.

(Photographs are quick snaps with digital camera. They are not the official ones. My hubby not on any because he had the camera)

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Of Love and Marriage

April 17, 2008

Of Love and Marriage.

 Sometimes we come across a serious piece of reading, well written and with a twinkle of humour, that is irresistible. It is like finding gold in the mud, only in this case, finding gold amid a myriad of jewel-like jelly beans.

 I am a fairly frequent visitor to ‘Fools Paradise, Infinity on a Shoestring’ and this amazing dissertation may have been there for a while, demurely set out in tiny print and almost hidden beneath a smorgasbord of unusual delights, which might distract all but the most steadfast of good literature seekers. My advice is — find it, copy the article, paste it on a document and adjust the print to readable size. Of course, if you happen to be an ant, this process is not necessary.

 So why bother?

Several reasons:

If you are in a partnership or thinking of getting married, your path to happiness with be illuminated for you both, It most certainly will be enhanced.

 If you are married, read this and you just might stay that way — happily.

If you have problems with relationships of any kind, you might find useful words of wisdom to help you in your situation.

 If you are part of that group of people who believe in marriage, whether as a political party flag-flyer or out of conviction for the good of mankind, you may find the thrust of a point of view — the words — to aid you in your task explaining why.

 If you like simplicity of ‘argument’,  that is, reading that is not too esoteric to take in with your morning coffee or lunchtime sandwich, this could be for you.

Finally, apart from enhancing your own life, spreading ‘the word’ around the office, the home and the ‘local pub’ mind well bring a little light and happiness into a world torn by failing relationships.

Where to find these jewels of wisdom?

Click on  Marriage X-Files (persevere to find it!)

And finally, a quote from the end piece about the meaning of Love:

“… intelligent love is the only value worth living for, and such love is never wrong.”

 If you want to argue that statement — take it up with Inkletter.

 I have been married 55 years and I KNOW what he is talking about.