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Martin Shaw — right for When Angels Lie?

July 10, 2009

Each time I see Martin Shaw in television dramas, and when interviewed, I envisage him playing the part of Canon Nick Palmer in a TV drama series of my book When Angels Lie. He is SO right for the part. When I read my book, I see Martin Shaw and hear him speak, I see him dressed in robes for conducting services and presiding at Communion. I hear him speaking at conferences with authority, and quoting that psalm of love from 1 Cor.13 ‘Though I speak in the tongues of men and angels…’ I see him as the stronger partner of a loving relationship, a relationship which took him by surprise. But one which he was willing to let go (if necessary) for the love of the other. I feel that few actors could play the part of a gay senior cleric successfully. Within this particular setting, When Angels Lie is a unique story and Martin Shaw is a unique actor.
As for the other parts? I saw a photo of Joe Shaw. I don’t know him but he looks the part for the young cleric — Paul — that came into Nick’s life. I ‘see’ other actors playing vital roles too. For the ‘angelic’ Angela and charismatic Rita — opposite personalities but both causing big waves on what started out as a calm sea. The churchwarden with an axe to grind, Paul’s homophobic family. And the list could go on.
This would be an amazing production, topical and full of drama. Pity that it will never happen. Never? Well, I have tried to get in touch with Shaw’s agent. So maybe, just maybe…
Wake up, old girl — get real.