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Teenage Love — or do we have in mind mere sexual gratification?

June 26, 2012

Teenage Love

Or are we talking about teenage sex?

 Sex before marriage was considered disgraceful when I was a girl. Of course it sometimes went on but it was certainly not encouraged. To have a sexual partner meant commitment. Many a couple ‘had’ to get married when the girl was found to be pregnant. The shame that clung, like an unmentionable disease, to a pregnant lass left alone to carry the disgrace caused sufficient fear to kill any desire to experiment. Submitting to an eager male was wrong, it was immoral, and it was shameful. Touching was bad enough but the act itself? Prepare for a shotgun wedding!

Lacking sex education, ignorance abounded. Only vague assumptions existed. Dogs could only get pregnant when on heat. Did the same apply to humans? Drawings on lavatory walls were the only education available to many!

Kissing with tongues and oral sex were thought disgusting and with good reason. Hygiene was poor, medicines basic, and diseases spread easily. And some maidens believed such activities could make a girl pregnant.

Of course, boys wanted action, girls were brought up to say no! In fact most thought it shameful to say and do otherwise.

Then came the pill.

Sex came out of the closet. Promiscuity not only became acceptable, but rife. Possibly encouraged by the proliferance of certain teen and adult magazines? And also by films and television. After no novels with sexual content being allowed, even erotica blossomed. Even so, till this day there is a market for books with sexual restraint and with an emphasis on romantic love that waits for the wedding night. Hoorah for that! We need a balance.

I’m an old fashioned lady who believes in lifetime partnerships as the ideal, even if seldom attained these days, But I am also a realist. Even so, I am not happy that within western society, even with youngish teens, satisfying sexual urges seems to be what matters. Alcohol and sex are a bad mix. Teenage pregnancy must surely be worse than before the pill. Sexually transmitted diseases, unstable relationships and family breakup, result from a society that puts ‘me’ first. But I also believe in true love that puts the ‘other’ first. In such unselfish relationships, the sexual act is a culmination of what each feels for the other — a mutual giving and a taking. A joining of mind, body and soul. Whatever the sexual orientation. Whatever the age. Surely, this is true love.

For a highly enjoyable read consider Michael Allen‘s new book —

Daphne Before She Died by Michael Allen

At times hilarious, at times poignant, but always entertaining, this book kept us (I have someone who reads to me) enthralled to the very end. Young illicit love is rarely explored, especially between partners of such disparate ages. Is it possible for a mature woman of 39 to fall in love with a boy of 18 and he to be desperately in love with her? Would an 18-year-old girl indulge in a love affair with a schoolboy of 14? Well, the author inspires us to believe in such possibilities, as the sexual and emotional vulnerability of young males, especially one who appears to be a ‘man of the world’, are explored in depth.

 G B Hobson


April 3, 2008

I had a pingback drop into my Inbox this morning: It was posted there by : 

I’m not into all this pinging and ponging. I find it rather confusing. BUT, reading again what Michael Allen put in (what I think might have been his last) posting, put a somewhat ironic smile on my face.

Now I consider Allen to be a jolly good writer who ran an excellent literary blog, which was of great benefit to writers, especially unrecognised ones like yours truly. He is sadly missed.

It seems every time I appear to be making a tiny progress my props fall away and I’m back in the mud of obscurity. Indeed my latest book, Awakening Love was to be the book that would mark me out as a writer of Women’s Fiction, even if in moderate terms. But how to interest a publisher?

Howbeit, I do have a contract with a USA E-Book publisher for that book and for its sequel (Seduction By Design), which I hope will reach fruition later this year. That could be a start, for it is certain the few books I published myself will not spark off a glimmer of recognition. I have neither the time nor the energy, to say nothing of the money involved, to promote and market my books.

So back to pings. What put that smile (however ironic it may have been) on my face? Well, it was what Michael Allen wrote about me: “Gladys, if you haven’t discovered her, is one hell of a writer.” Followed by a reference to my Blazing Embers (Angela Ashley) and how I had written ‘beautifully’ about a ‘gran in search of an orgasm.’  He also considered Awakening Love to be of a “high standard.”

So here I am a “hell of a writer” according to Allen (and also prize-winner Andrew F O’Hara plus others who think highly of my scribblings) but still unrecognised.

But maybe the sun will yet shine! AG Press (USA), is publishing two of my books (in my own name this time) When Angels Lie and Blazing Embers. Oh yes, small publisher maybe, BUT great oaks from tiny acorns grow. The books are been revised and will have new covers. They are being given a second chance in the USA.

I have, at last, finished writing and editing (for the umpteenth time) Checkmate. What to do with it? Well, it is a sequel to Seduction. And just maybe… 

Writing seems to be a game of ping-pong. Back and forth, appraise and revise, edit and proofread. Submit and reject! But not any more. No more new submissions to agents and publishers. Enough is enough.  “One hell of a writer?” I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry! 


Another of Michael Allen’s detective stories

February 11, 2008

Spence At Marlby Manor by Michael Allen

 Another of Allen’s excellent stories with Detective Chief Superintendent Ben Spence in the leading role. Anyone preferring a contemporary yarn with a detective’s tangled personal life as a main feature must look elsewhere, this is a true classical whodunit with enough suspense and memorable characters to engage the reader without distracting additions.


 An ageing Lady of the Manor, her companion and staff, her doctor, plus relatives eager to grasp her money, all play their part in a classical theme of accidents, suspicion, and finally — murder. Clues that lead even the detectives astray, well described colourful characters that turn the reader’s attention one way and then another, keep up the tension right to the last page.


November 28, 2007

I have just written a long post on my other blog.  I do not wish to merely duplicate it here. So I will write here about my sadness that Michael Allen will not be writing his blog for a long time. I will miss him. I will miss his guidance, his wit, his intellect, his grasp of the publishing world. At least, I can console myself by reading the rest of his books and learning from them. He is a darned good author! He is also, by my reckoning, the patron saint of the writer struggling for recognition. Thank you Michael. is still there for folk to read many a good posting, and also some of his stories and essays.