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Ulverston… birthplace of Stan Laurel

August 14, 2008

Ulverston… birthplace of Stan Laurel

Ulverston's great hardware store

Ulverston's great hardware store

Want to take a step back in time? Then visit Ulverston’s hardware store on King Street — Smith and Harrison. Not only does that place bring back memories of my youth, but I have found it the friendliest place in town. The TV Two Ronnies sketch involving ‘fork’andles.’ It could have been filmed here!
Take a walk by the Chippy Bank and you come to the Laurel and Hardy Museum — much visited by our American cousins. So far I have not ventured inside. I did not find them funny when I was young but my sister did — she kept digging me in the ribs and telling me to laugh!
Go by the cross on Thursday’s market day and you may see and hear a band play, at least in spring to autumn. Follow the cobbled street, passing by the market stalls and you will come across The Tinners’ Rabbit Bookshop: a quaint old shop full of nooks and crannies, plus a little fireplace with a real fire in winter. (There’s even an armchair to sit in!)
There are plenty of places to visit including a delightful canal that goes nowhere and a lighthouse monument on Hoad Hill — fantastic views across the town, Morecambe Bay, fells and mountains.
Warning! Watch how you walk. Old water-worn paving slabs and cobbles are not meant for stiletto heels!