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Exit, Pursued By A Bee by Geoff Nelder

June 25, 2008

Exit, Pursued By A Bee will appeal greatly to those addicted to Science Fiction. It has all the ingredients to make a good sci-fi read: thrilling havoc on earth, a dramatic chase through space, unforgettable three-dimensional characters, a dash of love sprinkled with a little sex, humour to cause a smile without detracting from the action, and compelling story line that constrains the reader to speedily journey to the end.

A larger than life derring-do female astronaut, receptive to outer-space time travellers, her brilliant spaceship-designer partner (even if with unpleasant habits), and a French-Canadian lady-killer fellow astronaut, join a supporting cast of memorable part players: a psychic newshound, an ancient cave-dweller and his dog, a blast-em general, a likeable teenage lad and his lass, plus a cast of thousands!

For those not used to this genre, and Nelder’s writing, be warned — you may need a dictionary. It is certain the average reader will have his or her vocabulary enlarged by the end of the story. An extraordinary book! 

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Exit the Spheres — Where Are They Sited?

Geoff Nelder studying where the exiting spheres are sited.

“EXIT, PURSUED BY A BEE” is not a book to be missed. It adds a new dimension to the reading experience!